How Beneficial is the Au Pair Program?

Thinking about hosting an au pair? Here is why you should!

Look at this video of one of our host families who welcomed 12 au pairs (one au pair per year) and decided to have a family reunion years later!

Benefits for your children

As the world is progressively turning into a global community, it has become very important for individuals to be aware of their surrounding even more to have knowledge that goes beyond the frontiers of their own culture and territory. The program to me is one of the ways, parents can teach their children about the beauty of a very diverse world. Having an au pair is bringing the world to your home. It is introducing to your little ones that other people may not think like mommy and daddy but it is ok. It is showing that different opinions, views about the world matter as much as your own. It is embracing others no matter their shape, color or thoughts. This to me is unique to any other childcare option because of the notion of cultural exchange. Learning new languages and new traditions and developing more of a big sister/big brother relationship will be very enriching to your children.

Benefits for you parents

Flexibility flexibility and flexibility… Did I say flexibility? Last minute changes such as children sick days, half school days, snow days can drive chaos into your schedule. This is another great point about this childcare option. Your au pair’s schedule can be adjusted for this as needed and changed week by week depending on your family’s needs. Keeping in mind that an au pair cannot work more than 45 hours a week and up to 10 hours a day.

Unusual Schedule, unusual family’s structure, unusual you name it. Is your spouse in the military and cannot be home a good part of the year? Are you parents of multiples? Are you working unusual hours? I am sure that your situation made it challenging for you to find just the right person (at an affordable cost) to be with your children while you are trying to build a future for them. Au pairs can have many types of schedules as long as they get 1.5 consecutive days off per week, 1 full weekend off per month and 2 weeks of vacation paid.

Affordability should I say. It is a great combination of quality versus price. Lots of benefits come with this option and families who understand the concept of the program or have family needs and situations that suit having an au pair can be pleasantly surprised.

Benefits for your au pair

Being able to share a passion for children, learn from a new culture and improve a second language are some of the reasons leading individuals to be au pairs but not only. Reasons can be various and unique to each individual. This program is one of the few that allow individuals to stay for a longer period of time to really get a full experience of living overseas. It provides this perspective of living with the locals that lots of travelers search for. Being able to fulfill so many interest seems like a great deal!

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